Module VII, Elective: Online Learning


The seventh LECFTA module, "Elective: Online Learning," explores the major issues in the realm of online programs, notably program management, curriculum, delivery, and professional learning.

Portfolio Assignment - Online Learning Ecosystem

Module VII Reflection

What inspired you to make your elective choice? 

We've been exploring some options for offering professional learning online and I thought that the Online Learning elective might be relevant.

How valuable to you were the choices in the elective module?

The choices were fair overall.  Technology and the Common Core seems a bit outdated now, given that Common Core was adopted in California eight years ago.  The mobile learning elective is still mostly relevant.  That said, I came from a 1:1 classroom and served as a tech integration teacher on special assignment, so that seemed less fruitful for my own professional learning.

Are there any other topics you would like to see as a future elective?

I'd be really interested in a module that dove deeply into technology as a means to promote equitable access to education for all students, particularly those that are classified as special populations.